Asociación de Historia Actual (AHA) is an international, scientific, and cultural entity. Founded in 2000, our main goals are encouragement of researching, teaching and promotion of knowledge on present human developement, from a multidisciplinary point of view, with special attention to historic, descriptive, explanatory and prospective studies of social processes at global and regional level. It’s a proyect promoted and managed by professors and researchers from differents countries and scientific fields, commited to integration of knowledge, approaches and practices of History and the other social sciences involved in critic analysis of the realities of our time.

The AHA aims to participate with influence in the international scientific community debates. In order to do that, the Association has been increasing its range and web of relations. It has the establishment of agreements with other related institutions and organisms as a priority for the optimization of human and material resources.

- Coordination and communication:

  1. The Executive Committe, the General Council and the General Assembly.
  2. AHA Press (HAPress), editor of Revista de Historia Actual, Historia Actual Online, Boletín de la Asociación de Historia Actual and Monographies series.
  3. The Centro de Recursos y Comunicaciones (CRC) (Resources and Communication Center) that manage the website and the AHA’s newsletter nested in RedIRIS.

- Promotion of meetings for sientific exchanges and researchers education:

  1. International Seminars "Nuestro Patrimonio Común", anually organised by the AHA.
  2. International Symposiums of Present History, bianually organised by Instituto de Estudios Riojanos (Riojans Studies Institute).
  3. Congress of History of the Spanish Transition, organised by Almería University’s ETP (Present History Studies) group.
  4. International Colloquium on Spanish Transition in the House of Spain in Paris.
  5. Seasonal Courses for Historians, celebrated along the year, residential and online.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.

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