Objectives and goals

Asociación de Historia Actual (AHA) is an international, scientific, and cultural entity. our main goals are encouragement of researching, teaching and promotion of knowledge on present human developement, from a multidisciplinary point of view, with special attention to historic, descriptive, explanatory and prospective studies of social processes at global and regional level. In order to do that, the AHA seek to facilitate scientific contact and news exchanges, ideas and iniciatives between its members, so the colaboration with related institutions. The specific goals of the AHA are the following:

  1. Defense of Human Rights and education of a free, democratic and solidary citizenship.
  2. Promotion of equal opportunities between men and women and the involvement of women in every ambit of politics, culture and society.
  3. Implement of activities related to principles and goals of international cooperation for development.
  4. Strenghtening of environmental conscience as one of the main challenges of present time.
  5. Scientific research in History, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  6. Specialized training of historians and social scientifics in the field of studies of Present. The fostering at all levels of educational system of contents on Present History.


Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.

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