Asociación de Historia Actual (AHA)'s distribution list

Created the 6th of february, 2002, in RedIRIS

Asociación de Historia Actual’s newsletter is a basic tool of scientific communication to expand knowledge, activities and proposals related to human development in the present. The list distributes news of scientific interest for the current history, such as news editorials, calls for courses, conferences or seminars, publications, or location of resources for research that may be of interest to Subscribers. It is a dynamic channel that promotes the participation of the members and extends its radius of influence to the whole of the subscribers.

Espacio Migraciones (E-MIG)'s distribution list

Created the 25th of june, 2007 in RedIRIS

Espacio Migraciones’s newsletter It is a basic tool of communication of the AHA, specialized in the theme of the migratory movements, with special attention to the migrations in the Atlantic-Mediterranean area from 1985 to the present day. With regard to this objective, the list dedicates particular attention to the following issues:

1. Distribution of news related to useful resources for the investigation of the migratory phenomenon from the perspective of demography, sociology, anthropology, law, political Science, economics, geography, History and the rest of social sciences.

2. Dissemination of actions aimed at creating conditions for peaceful, tolerant and integrative coexistence of different social groups in the perspective of building a multicultural community, highlighting the benefits of Exchange between individuals from different backgrounds.

3. Distribution of news about the growing presence of the immigrant population in the European countries, as a factor that dynamizes and at the same time disarticulates the pre-existing social network, generating different stereotypes and attitudes of a very diverse nature in the Collective imaginary.

4. Dissemination of the culture, customs and ways of life of the immigrant societies of origin, making visible the historical ties and cultural affinities of these with the receiving population.

Movimientos Sociales y Transición (MST)'s distribution list

Created the 19th of december, 2007, in RedIRIS

Movimientos Sociales y Transición’s newsletter It is a basic tool of communication that disseminates the results of scientific research, projects and events related to the processes of democratization in Spain and other countries, with special attention to the influence of the social movements in the crisis of dictatorships. The main objective of this list is to distribute news that expands our knowledge of the structural changes, conflicts and social movements that drive the change of political regime from the base, which could be called the "social engine" of Transitions to democracy.

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