XI Colloquium on the Spanish Transition: Political Cultures of the New Left in Europe. From 1956 to the present

On May 27 and 28, 2019 will take place in the Colegio de España of Paris the annual Colloquium on the Spanish Transition organized jointly by the Asociación de Historia Actual with universities and research groups from France, Spain and Portugal.

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Historia Actual Online, nº 48 (winter 2019)

In the following link you will find the latest issue of the journal Historia Actual Online, nº 48 (winter 2019). ISSN: 1696-2060.

In addition to the usual sections (articles, historiographical debates and book reviews), this issue includes the Dossier From Francoism to democracy: press, public opinion and propaganda, coordinated by José Miguel Delgado Idarreta and Rebeca Viguera Ruiz.


International Colloquium: Iberian radical left, revolutionary and democratic transition process

The International Colloquium on Iberian Radical Left, revolutionary and democratic transition process will take place in Lisbon, the 22th and 23th of November, 2018. It is organized by the Institute of Contemporary History, the University of Cádiz and the Asociación de Historia Actual.

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